Online VOCs Source Monitoring System EVS-300

Online VOCs Source Monitoring System EVS-300

Online VOCs Source Monitoring System EVS-300

By adopting advanced GC-FID technology, and using dry flue gas processed by EVERISE professional sampling system, the EVS-300 Online VOCs Source Monitoring system could continuously real-time monitor volatile organic compounds(VOCs) from the pollutant source. The VOCs could be methane and nonmethane total hydrocarbons, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, o-p-xylene, TVOC, etc. The acquisition data of parameters and reports could be transmitted to the specific end user or to the local Environmental Protection Agency. The PUREAIR series GC analyzers of independent intellectual property rights, is characteristics of low detection limit, high accuracy, short cycle and stable operation.

System Features

  1. GC analytic method of high accuracy, compliant with national standards.
  2. Sample pre-processing method of stable performance, meeting the requirements of stationary pollution source exhaust monitoring.
  3. Heat tracing when sampling, cold drying and dehumidifying.
  4. User-friendly interface of easy operation and full functions.
  5. Optional explosion-proof configuration.

System Composition

  1. 1.Sampling Unit

    Sampling probe
    Sample transmission line
    Sample pre-processing device
  2. 2.Sample Analyzing Unit

    a) Gas Chromatograph

    MTHC/nMTHC Analyzer PUREAIR 50

    Online BTEX Analyzer PUREAIR 60

    b) Zero Air Generator
  3. 3.Flue Gas Measuring Unit

    Integral Meter of temperature, pressure and flow rate
    Pressure Meter
    Humidity Meter
  4. 4.Data Acquisition,Processing and Controlling Unit


  1. Petrochemical industry
  2. Oil refining industry
  3. Automobile vehicle manufacturing
  4. Wooden furniture manufacturing industry
  5. Semiconductor manufacturing industry
  6. Printing & spraying Industry
  7. Medical and pesticides manufacturing industry