Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System

Eveise Technology Ltd designs and produces a complete range of state of the air analyzers, sampling system, data acquisition and software for the measurement and reporting of regulatory pollutants such as SO2, N2O, NOX, O3, CO, NH3, CO2, H2S, PM10/PM2.5 Particulates. The system is characteristics of high intelligence, high sensitivity, stable operation and small maintenance. Combined with intelligent haze identification system and visibility meter, the AQMS system could directly monitor atmospheric visibility.

1.Technical Features

  1. Operation principle compliant with standards(ISO, AFNOR, CEN, DIN).
  2. Modular design and manufacturing
  3. Colorful LCD touch screen
  4. High sensitivity, stability and accuracy
  5. Optimized circuit design, lower energy consumption, light-weight, high integration and better anti-seismic performance
  6. Programmable measuring range and averaging time

2.System Composition

2.1 AQMS system

Usually the AQMS system consists of such gas analyzers of SO2, NOX, O3, CO, PM10, PM2.5 Particulates, zero air generator, dynamic gas calibrator, visibility meter, intelligent haze camera and so on.

2.2 System Integration

By internet technology, the integration system enables a stable, continuous, and fast data acquisition from various stations, and then fulfil realtime data display, historic data query, deep data analysis, AQI query, quality control and tracking. From the monitoring center station, there’s an access to observe performance status and pollutants analysis atlas of sub-stations’ equipment.