Remote Sensing Lidar Detection
Remote Sensing Lidar Detection
Ozone Laser Lidar O3 Finder

Ozone Laser Lidar O3 Finder

The ozone laser lidar O3 Finder, integrated with a number of core technologies, is used to online monitor vertical distribution of atmospheric ozone concentration in real time. Atmosphere monitoring at comprehensive three dimensions provides strong data support to meet the current and future development trend.

The ozone laser lidar measures the gas concentration by making use of absorption characteristics of the gas to be measured. The lidar system emits two laser beams with similar wavelengths. The gas shows very strong absorption ability to one laser beam, while shows very weak or none absorption ability to the another beam. Because of the absorption difference of two laser beams, the gas concentration on the same laser path could be determined by echo signals.

Technical Features

  1. Mature differential absorption technique.
  2. UV photo-multiplier tube with high sensitivity and efficiency.
  3. Cassegrain telescope, coaxial transceiver with high efficiency and minimal blind area.
  4. Quartz fiber and grating spectrometer with stable and high SNR.
  5. Photo and analog co-mining design with wider signal range.
  6. Intuitive interface with spatial and temporal profile combined.
  7. Easy operation and maintenance.


  1. Adopt differential absorption principle designed for ozone specific absorption band, with wide application range.
  2. Analyze the effect of temporal and spatial changes of ozone in different regions on organisms.
  3. Analyze the effect of social activities on atmospheric ozone concentration, by accumulating ozone data in long term.
  4. Distinguish whether ozone is generated locally or externally by fixed-point monitoring and analysis of ozone formation process.
  5. Predict influence of high altitude ozone pollution on the surface by fixed-point monitoring.
  6. Statistically analyze and forecast regional ozone concentration by multiple-point or mobile monitoring.
  7. Analyze relevance of ozone with other elements, by collaborative monitoring of other instruments.

Structure diagram